2016 Live Shows
  • Saturday 11-26 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Friday 11-25 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Wednesday 11-23 Grand Park DTLA
  • Sunday 11-13 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Tuesday 11-08 Grand Park DTLA
  • Saturday 11-05 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Friday 10-21 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Thursday 10-20 Grand Park DTLA
  • Sunday 10-09 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Friday 10-07 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Thursday 10-06 Grand Park DTLA
  • Saturday 10-01 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Thursday 09-29 Grand Park DTLA
  • Saturday 09-10 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Saturday 09-03 Unurban Cafe Santa Monica
  • Sunday 08-28 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Thursday 08-25 Grand Park DTLA
  • Wednesday 08-24 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Friday 08-19 Wilshire-Normandie
  • Thursday 08-18 Grand Park DTLA
  • Wednesday 08-17 Grand Park DTLA
  • Sunday 08-14 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Friday 08-12 NoHo Station
  • Thursday 08-11 Grand Park DTLA
  • Sunday 08-07 Hollywood-Sycamore Hollwood
  • Saturday 08-06 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Friday 08-05 Normandie Wilshire LA
  • Thursday 08-04 Grand Park DTLA
  • Thursday 07-28 Grand Park DTLA
  • Sunday 07-24 Hollywood-Sycamore Hollywood LA
  • Friday 07-22 Wilshire-Normandie LA
  • Thursday 07-21 Grand Park DTLA
  • Sunday 07-17 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Thursday 07-14 Wilshire-Normandie LA
  • Wednesday 07-13 Courthouse Hill & 1st DTLA
  • Tuesday 07-12 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Monday 07-11 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Sunday 07-10 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Thursday 07-07 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Wednesday 07-06 Courthouse Hill & 1st DTLA
  • Sunday 07-03 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Wednesday 06-29 Courthouse Hill & 1st DTLA
  • Sunday 06-26 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Friday 06-24 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Wednesday 06-22 Courthouse Hill & 1st DTLA
  • Thursday 06-16 Courthouse Hill & 1st DTLA
  • Wednesday 06-15 Wilshire-Normandie LA
  • Wednesday 06-08 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Tuesday 06-07 Wilshire Normandie Hollywood
  • Friday 06-03 Grand Central Mkt DTLA
  • Thursday 06-02 Courthouse Hill & 1st DTLA
  • Monday 05-30 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Friday 05-20 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Friday 05-20 Grand Central Mkt DTLA
  • Friday 05-13 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Thursday 05-12 Grand Central MKT DTLA
  • Sunday 05-08 Historic Core Farmers MKT DTLA
  • Sunday 05-01 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Friday 04-29 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Thursday 04-28 Grand Central Mkt DTLA
  • Tuesday 04-26 Wilshire-Normandie LA
  • Sunday 04-24 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Saturday 04-23 Amoeba Music Hollwood
  • Friday 04-22 Starbucks Melrose West Hwd
  • Thursday 04-21 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Wednesday 04-20 Courthouse Hill & 1st DTLA
  • Friday 04-15 7th & Metro DTLA
  • Thursday 04-14 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Wednesday 04-13 Courthouse Hill & 1st DTLA
  • Tuesday 04-12 Hollywood & Vine Hollywood
  • Monday 04-11 Chinese Theatre Hollywood
  • Wednesday 04-06 Hollywood & Sycamore Plaza
  • Wednesday 04-06 Grand Central Mkt DTLA
  • Monday 04-04 Grand Central Mkt DTLA
  • Thursday 04-02 Amoeba Music Hollwood
  • Friday 04-01 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Thursday 03-31 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Wednesday 03-30 Hollywood & Vine Hollywood
  • Sunday 03-27 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Saturday 03-26 Metro Station North Hollywood
  • Friday 03-25 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Wednesday 03-23 Blue Cube Cafe DTLA
  • Tuesday 03-22 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Sunday 03-20 Vegan Fest North Hollywood
  • Friday 03-18 7th & Metro DTLA
  • Tuesday 03-15 Blue Cube Cafe DTLA
  • Sunday 03-13 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Saturday 03-12 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Thursday 03-10 Whole Foods Fairfax-3rd W.LA.
  • Sunday 03-06 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Friday 03-04 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Wednesday 03-02 Wilshire-Vermont MTA
  • Tuesday 03-01 Hill & 1st Court
  • Sunday 02-28 Hollywood Farmers Market
  • Wednesday 02-24 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Wednesday 02-24 Blue Cube Cafe DTLA
  • Monday 02-22 1st & Hill Court DTLA
  • Friday 02-19 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Thursday 02-18 Vermont & Wilshire Los Angeles
  • Monday 02-15 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Friday 02-12 Hollywood & Vine LA
  • Thursday 02-11 Wilshire & Vermont
  • Thursday 02-11 LA County Court DTLA
  • Sunday 02-07 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Friday 02-05 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Thursday 02-04 LA County Court DTLA
  • Tuesday 02-02 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Friday 01-29 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Monday 01-25 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Friday 01-22 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Wednesday 01-20 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Tuesday 01-19 LA County Court DTLA
  • Saturday 01-16 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Friday 01-15 Wilshire & Normandie LA
  • Thurday 01-14 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Sunday 01-10 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Friday 01-08 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • 2015 Live Shows
  • Friday 12-11 Wilshire & Vermont MTA Station LA
  • Friday 12-11 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Friday 12-04 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Saturday 11-28 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
  • Friday 11-27 Wilshire & Vermont MTA Station LA
  • Thursday 11-26 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Wednesday 11-25 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Sunday 11-22 Hollywood & Highland
  • Friday 11-20 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Friday 11-13 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Wednesday 10-28 7th & Figueroa DTLA
  • Monday 10-26 Wilshire & Normandie LA
  • Saturday 10-24 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Thursday 10-22 Wilshire & Normandie LA
  • Sunday 10-18 Hollywood Farmers Market
  • Saturday 10-17 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Thursday 10-15 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Tuesday 10-13 Wilshire & Normandie LA
  • Wednesday 09-30 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Sunday 09-27 Hollywood Farmers Market
  • Friday 09-25 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Thursday 09-17 3rd St Promenade Santa Monica
  • Friday 09-11 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Monday 09-07 3rd St Promenade Santa Monica
  • Saturday 09-05 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Thursday 09-03 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Friday 08-28 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Sunday 08-23 Hollywood Farmers Market
  • Friday 08-21 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Tuesday 08-18 Hollywood & Sycamore Hollywood
  • Friday 08-07 3rd St Promenade Santa Monica
  • Wednesday 08-05 Hollywood & Highland Hollywood
  • Saturday 08-01 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Thursday 07-23 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Saturday 07-04 3rd St Promenade Santa Monica
  • Saturday 06-28 Hollywood-Sycamore Plaza
  • Sunday 06-27 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Friday 06-26 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Saturday 06-13 3rd St Promenade Santa Monica
  • Saturday 06-06 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Saturday 05-30 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Monday 05-25 Hollywood & Highland Hollywood
  • Monday 05-23 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Monday 05-04 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Saturday 05-02 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Saturday 04-25 Wilshire & Vermont LA
  • Sunday 04-18 Hollywood & Highland Hollywood
  • Friday 04-17 Wilshire & Western LA
  • Saturday 04-11 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Thursday 04-09 Wilshire-Vermont LA
  • Saturday 04-04 3rd St Promenade Santa Monica
  • Thursday 03-31 Wilshire-Vermont LA
  • Sunday 03-29 Hollywood Farmers Market
  • Friday 03-27 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Thursday 03-26 Wilshire-Vermont LA
  • Friday 03-22 Ciclavia North Hollywood
  • Friday 03-20 Metro STA
    North Hollywood
  • Thursday 03-19 Wilshire-Vermont LA
  • Friday 03-13 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Thursday 03-12 Wilshire-Vermont LA
  • Sunday 03-08 Hollywood Farmers Market
  • 2014 Live Street Performances
  • Friday 09-26 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Friday 09-12 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Thursday 09-09 Wilshire-Vermont LA
  • Saturday 09-06 3rd St Promenade Santa Monica
  • Thursday 09-04 Wilshire-Vermont LA
  • Sunday 08-31 Hollywood Farmers Market
  • Friday 08-29 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Friday 08-22 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Friday 08-15 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Tuesday 08-12 3rd St Promenade Santa Monica
  • Sunday 08-10 3rd St Promenade Santa Monica
  • Friday 08-08 Metro STA North Hollywood
  • Wednesday 08-06 3rd St Promenade Santa Monica
New Music Project: 'This Moment' Releasing Soon!
New album
After nearly 4 months of work into this project the final result are almost in. Soon to the released is my latest album 'This Moment' which will be available both digitally and in CD format. I really put my heart and soul into this album which I'm very proud of. I believe it was divinely inspired and the meanings behind this album are profound. The song 'This Moment' alone took many several months to finally put together. I believe the hard work will reflect in this album. Will post everywhere when it's ready. Stay tuned!
Next: The Den in Hawthorne, CA
The Den
Saturday night October 28th at 8pm. Great show at The Den in Hawthorne, CA. It was a very high energy show and I had a good time with my buddies from 'Second to none'. Thanks to John G, Carlos and Yadi for inviting me. Tried several new pedals. Whole new sound! Looking forward to coming back to this place.
Followup show AT Bulldog Pub July 5th
Bulldog Pub
My July 5th followup show at the Bulldog Pub in Upland, CA was great. I appreciate the invitation to share the Artistic Momentum music with other patrons and musicians. This pub is definitely a nice place to hang out during the week. Good group of musicians.
Show AT Bulldog Pub 6-7-17 at 8PM
Bulldog Pub
I played a lively show at the Bulldog Pub in Upland, CA. Special thanks to Jaxx Sessions for the invitation. This pub is really cool. Good place for musicians to meet and share each other's music.
Paradigm Shift- My New LP Is Now Available
New album
Paradigm shift, my brand new album is now available. You can listen to it for free right here on my music page or on my reverbnation page here. Also, if you want to own the album go here to my createspace On Demand store and order a copy. Songs can also be purchased individually at my Reverbnation store here. For anyone in LA know that you can purchase the album for 25% off at any of my live shows as well. I will also sell both my 'Things will get better' album and 'Paradigm shift for the bonus price of 2 for $20. Stay tuned for my live shows in Los Angeles.
Introducing 'Paradigm Shift'- A New Album Coming Soon!
New album
My brand new album is in the process of final production and it is titled- Paradigm Shift. This title reflects the theme of the new LP which is one of turning the page on the days of old, learning to live, thrive, think and progress on your own without the external manipulative forces of the control system dictating what you should think. The breakaway has begun! I will announce when the CD is officially available for purchase.
Brand New Album About to Release!
New album
I can't believe how well things have gone in the making of my second soon to be released album. This second follow-up album is a major step forward toward the fulfillment of my musical vision and I've never been so excited about a music project release. There are many suprises and experiments in this upcoming CD and I suppose that's what makes this musical journey so fun. I can't wait to release this project! Keep up with my news page for updates.
Live at the Silverlake Lounge Friday 12-9-16!
Silverlake lounge
Get ready for my life show at the Silverlake Lounge in Silverlake (Los Angeles, CA). This followup show promises to be the show of a lifetime and I'm super excited about it. Invite your friends and contact me for tickets by clicking here. Doors open at 6PM and my show begins at 8PM.
Breaking: Followup Album In the Makings
Album #2
Rehearsal is almost done for what will be my followup album. This second album will be a great blend of typical Artistic Momentum eclectic sounds. Things are really coming together for this followup album and I'm really excited to heading back to the studio. I can't wait to get back into the trenches. The sound has evolved quite a bit from the last album. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.
Live Show At The Silverlake Lounge Fri Oct 14
Silverlake Lounge
Don't miss Artistic Momentum live at the Silverlake Lounge 2906 W Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles CA. Doors will open at 7PM and the show begins at 7:15PM. Come listen to Bernie on acoustic-electric guitar and vocals and let your heart and mind be blessed. The tickets are $10 each. To purchase tickets and for additional ticket information please contact us by going to our contact page and filling out a contact form.
Album Release Party Was Awesome
album release party
The album release party was a success. I'm appreciative of those that came out to see the show. This was a very special environment of music lovers and activists. I've never had a chance to play for so long at an indoor venue like this. It was really special. A huge thanks to the owership of the Unurban Cafe for making this event happen.
Artistic Momentum Live Show- CD Release Party Coming Up Sat Sept 3rd!
Live show
We're just days away from my live CD Release Party performance which will take place at the Unurban Cafe in Santa Monica, CA. Stay tuned for a night of lively and inspirational tunes. Some will be never-before-played-live tunes with a strong message for the human race while others will be my usual collection of alt rock, flamenco, soulful and passionate tunes that are the trademark of my debut album. The show will start at 6:30PM and go for about two hours or so depending on the energy, the vibe and the crowd.
All the Ways You Can Purchase the New Album
purchase album
My debut album 'Things will get better' can now be purchased in several way. First, if you are in Los Angeles and can attend an upcoming show you'll be able to save an instant 25% by purchasing the album in person from me. Otherwise I've made the album available at Amoeba Music store in Hollywood at 6400 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028. If they don't have the album because they ran out let me know. Otherwise, there are many other ways to get your hands on my new album. You can go to our store link and click on the large banner to purchase now. That will take you to our main Createspace store where you can purchase the album. Alternatively you can click on the banner below that to purchase on Amazon. And lastly, you can purchase the album digitally to download directly to your computer by clicking on the bottom large banner on our store. That link will take you to CDBaby.com where you can even purchase the individual tunes for .99 cents each. Read the Q and A at the bottom of the page to determine which option is best for you.
Carving Out A Promotional Plan
Bernie plays
I've recently updated my Artistic Momentum YouTube and Twitter accounts as part of my promotional campaign to help get the word out about this music project. Are you a fan of Bernie and Artistic Momentum? Then tell your friends and help spread the word. I've met so many people who tell me they love what this project is about and not to change a thing about it and to all of these people I want to say thanks for the encouraging words and I'm listening. I'll post all upcoming gigs on this website and email everyone on my list.
CDs Ordered Summer Shows Begin Now
New album
With a large order of CDs officially ordered and available for sale in our Createspace store live shows will resume more steadily throughout the Los Angeles area. The past few weeks I haven't been performing as much in the interest of preparing the album. Artistic Momentum music fans can purchase the new album at any live show for a discounted rate. I will send out emails to everyone on my email list about upcoming shows ahead of time. As soon as the CD arrive I will promote the project to venues throughout LA. Anyone who wants to help with this marketing and promotion process please contact me on the contact page and sending me an email.
New Album Set to Release
New album
My new album titled 'Things Will Get Better' is set to release very soon. All the music and artwork files have been finalized and I'm excited to say the album will be available hopefully before the end of June if not much sooner. I'm waiting on the approval process from the CD on-demand company I'm using. Once the album is approved I will have it available on multiple platforms which will provide distribution globally. More on this exciting news soon.
Santa Monica Shows Kicking Off Soon
Santa Monica
I'll soon come out to play in the city of Santa Monica, now that I have obtained my performers permit. The city charges for performers to play in certain areas near the beach. I look forward to this summer's shows. The people are always nice and the weather is usually good too. The cost for the permit? $37 in case anyone is wondering. If there's any real drawbacks to playing in Santa Monica I'd say it's the limits imposed on the musicians. You can only play in 2 hour intervals at any given spot at the 3rd Street Promenade. So you have to constantly move around. But all together I love playing in Santa Monica. Ultimately, it's what you make of the shows and a good musician will learn to make almost any place his/her own otherwise what's the point of doing music? Hopefully I'll be out there in the next week or so and this is exciting!
First Album Officially Recorded At ES Audio
ES Audio
I feel lucky to have discovered ES Audio in Glendale to help me produce my first album. The people there were amazing and very skilled. My first album is now in production and will be available very soon. The new CD which will be an LP and whose title is still in the works will be available in my store.
Historic Core Farmers Market Invitation a Success
Historic Core
Magical, enlightening, energetic. These are the words I would use to describe the May 8th 2016 Artistic Momentum featured show at the Historic Core Farmers Market. The people were awesome and it turned to be Mothers Day so I had a chance to dedicate several of my tunes to the moms everywhere.
New Locations Open Up in LA
Hollywood Vine
Stay tuned for an Artistic Momentum music set coming to Starbucks on Melrose near Fairfax in West Los Angeles. Also over the next few weeks I will be playing in various new locations including just outside Amoeba Music store in Hollywood. The idea for a music set sounded good to Amoeba personnel and I will be playing there on the weekends.
Invitation to new spot in DTLA- Blue Cube Cafe
Blue Cube cafe
I was invited to play just outside the Blue Cube Cafe in DTLA. It's a small cafe and the owner wants to change things up and see if live music brings in more business. Very interesting spot, much less traffic than other part of DTLA but a pleasant flow of commuters nonetheless. My first time playing there left me with a sense of satisfaction though I can't point my finger to why. I suppose the lack of disruptions and the good flow of working class made for a good combination. I'll be playing here maybe once a week or so. We'll play it by ear. The owner of the place is a really nice gentleman and the food there is really good. We'll see what live music brings.
Who Owns the Streets?
LA streets
The question that rising every time a private security officer challenges a street musiciann about performing in the streets is, who owns the streets. Usually it's the City. We are now investigating several sections of Los Angeles with the city to confirm who owns certain parts of downtown L.A.. I'll be reporting on the results of this research which should be very interesting since I was recently told I couldn't play in a certain part of downtown L.A.. The police officer called to the scene was very friendly and appeared unsure about the issue. We'll see what the research shows soon.
Busking Ups and Downs
Busking is for those who truly love to perform their music under almost any condition. It takes a certain determination and passion for your music to busk in L.A.. I can't speak for other cities though. Busking has its ups and downs and one good thing about is you are free; free to perform what you want with little audience criticism. I think of busking as a rehearsal for a future show. It's a great way to practice your skills and practice becoming comfortable in front of an audience.
Busking has its downs as well. You often have to deal with unwanted interruptions of your show. It can get really bad at times. Hobos, pan handlers, lunatics, drunk idiots, schizophrenics, and trouble makers to name a few. Even well meaning people present interruptions to your show sometimes. On the good side, it's a great way to reach out to people of all walks of life. For this reason busking is a way of life.